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Track Name: Peacemaker
It's a life we took and made it our own
Don't have to ask because we already know
Often times described in terms of distance
It's different, we're defined by
what only some can hope is

Numbers, statistics, measuring our worth
Quantify, pacify, in ignorance they lurk
Creeping by us, we sigh just waiting for the rain
Seasons pass, no one asks, no the questions just don't rate
Is that enough?

When they take oh they take until there's nothing lef
Disappear, unremember, move on to the next
Where's the heart and the soul? Where's the meaning in this mess?
Is it the blind leading the blind? Check your hand or make your bet.
What is enough?

It's the person that we face in the mirror
There's the truth once we knew and no longer can fear
They could take all our heroes, imprison everyone
But it's our spirit so resilient, somethings never come undone

And that's enough, that's forever.